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KandyPens Rubi vs Pax Era vs Juul

E-cigarettes are big business these days, plus the same goes for oil vaporizers. Both are popular for more or less the exact same reasons, they’ve been user friendly, discreet, and extremely portable. So, if you’re interested in every of those, then you’ll want to understand what products would be the most readily useful in each category and exactly how they compare to one another. That’s what this post is focused on. We’ll just take a better check three of the finest portable vapes online, the KandyPens Rubi, Pax Era, and Juul to ascertain what type could be the value that is best for the cash.

Substance Compatibility

The KandyPens Rubi (Review | Buy) has an open pod system, which means that it offers a refillable pod which can be filled up with many different different forms of e-liquid. Which includes cbd gummies for pain regular e-liquids along with the stronger smoking salts. It may make use of oil extracts along with e-liquids. The Pax Era (View on Pax web site) and Juul are closed pod systems, meaning they normally use proprietary, disposable pods that can’t be refilled. The period is strictly an oil vaporizer as the Juul just utilizes smoking salts. The sheer flexibility for the Rubi set alongside the other two services and products causes it to be the leader in this category.

Simplicity of use

Each one of these devices are pretty simple to use, which can be one of many good reasoned explanations why they’ve been so attractive to many. But, the period and Juul are only a little better to utilize simply becautilize they use disposable, pre-filled pods that easily slot to their batteries. You don’t need certainly to be worried about refilling the pods, you merely throw them away when they’re empty. The open design regarding the Rubi’s pod ensures that refilling it’s important. That may be a delicate, finicky procedure and it is perhaps not nearly since quick as just connecting it into the battery pack. All three devices are draw-activated, so really with them is intuitive and effortless.

Battery Life

The very last thing you want is one of the unit dying unexpectedly you, which is the reason why battery pack life is really so important. The Rubi could be the clear champion right here as the battery pack ability could be the biggest for the three. This has a 280 mAh battery pack while the period features a 240 mAh battery additionally the Juul has a 200 mAh one. Which means you are given by the Rubi about 250 puffs per cost when compared with about 200 when it comes to other two products. The actual only real slight disadvantage to the Rubi’s superior battery is the fact that it takes longer to charge compared to the other people. The Juul plus the Era take about a full hour or less to charge even though the Rubi takes about eighty moments. One benefit the Rubi as well as the age have actually within the Juul is the fact that you can buy anywhere that they both use standard micro-USB chargers. The Juul works on the proprietary charger, meaning that getting an alternative because of it may be a hassle.